The LofaBed Sleeper SofaThe LofaBed Sleeper Sofa
NEW Chaise Longue Sectional LofaBed
Mary Miller Queen LofaBed w/Savannah Arms
Full/Double LofaBed w/Regular Arms
Full/Double LofaBed w/Galaxy Arms
Full/Double LofaBed in the California Collection
Loveseat/Ottoman LofaBed in the California Collection
Full/Double LofaBed w/Québec Arms
Full/Double LofaBed w/Leona Arms
Full/Double LofaBed w/Tommy Arms
LofaSofa with new SpaceSaver Arms
Full/Double LofaBed
w/SpaceSaver Arms
U Sectional - Dual Chaise Longues from LofaSofa
NEW U-Shaped Sectional LofaBed with twin Chaise Longues

The LofaBed: simply the world’s most comfortable sofa bed!


The LofaBed is made-to-order out of Canadian hardwood in a variety of sizes, styles, and fabrics…..and will appeal to anyone interested in a good night’s sleep and a comfortable place to sit. This innovative new sofa bed is reasonably priced and multi-functional as well.  A convertible base, combined with an 8″ thick futon mattress, makes the ideal guest bed for anyone who values comfort and practicality. Featuring 7 sizes of comfortable, standard-size mattresses…10 interchangeable arm designs…and 51 gorgeous, upholstery-grade materials to choose from; this is how you tell your loved ones how much you’d like them to stay.

The LofaBed is the “evolution” of futon furniture. It is a combination of a davenport base and a futon mattress, resulting in a more comfortable, practical, and economical alternative to the traditional pullout sofa bed. The LofaBed looks and feels like a normal sofa, but incorporates an 8″ buttoned futon, a storage compartment for sheets, blankets and pillows; and a wall-hugging mechanism that is incredibly easy to operate. Elastic webbing supports the mattress and supplies a level of comfort unknown to sofa sleepers, hide-a-beds, imported click-clacks, or futons. This is one practical, heavy-duty sofa bed!

I have tried to make this website as informative and user-friendly as possible, but if you still have questions, I’m here to answer them. Over the next few pages you’ll be introduced to videos, price lists, dimensions, fabric swatches, and lots and lots of pictures – all designed to help you understand why the LofaBed is so much better than a standard sofa bed. So enjoy the site, and Contact Us when you’re ready!

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“You undersold yourself! The furniture is even more wonderful than we dared to hope it would be. When our LofaBed order arrived (“qouble” + chair/ottoman), the factory had nicely packaged and protected it all as you said it would. It was quite impressive.
“The furniture arrived late yesterday: a double, a chair, and an ottoman. I have to tell you, we were fairly awestruck. Frankly, I just didn’t expect this kind of beauty, comfort and quality at the price you have. The fabric (Monet Sand) is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.
“During our search for a comfortable bed that doesn’t look like a bed, we ran across “LofaSofa.” The other sofas that could be converted didn’t look comfortable or looked flimsy, and most of them didn’t provide storage.
"I just need to write this letter to tell you what a wonderful product you have. I bought your sofa about 10 years ago from Rockaway Bedding here in NJ. I moved it to California in 2004 and moved it back to NJ in 2005.
"For the longest time my wife and I had a Hide-a-Bed as a spare bed. I was uncomfortable allowing any of my guests to sleep on it knowing that I wouldn’t want to sleep on that bed myself.
"The furniture arrived today and was assembled by the delivery service (Bekins). Everything is beautiful!
"Well, I finally got my chance to put the LofaBed to the test myself. I had to wait in line, as it was used for a couple of house guests (individually) over the holidays.
"Your Lofa Sofa is all that it claims to be and more! I love it! My husband loves it! My kids have told everyone they bump into that they have a LOFA!
"AMAZING! The LofaBed is extraordinary, Mitch. Your dream of a bed that includes comfort, eye appeal, strength and low wear reached fruition with your inventing the LofaBed.
"I have only positive things to say about my new LofaBed. I got the loveseat/ottoman combo, and I just love it! It is exactly as described.
"I want to drop you a line about how happy I am with the furniture that I purchased from Lofa Sofa. To tell you the truth at the beginning I was quite skeptical about the whole idea to buy the furniture online.
"Just wanted to let you know how very happy we have been with our LofaBed. In fact, the only complaint that I have with the LofaBed is that certain members of our family appear to like it too much!
"Mission accomplished! Delivery was on time and the product is spectacular. It goes perfectly in the third bedroom/den. Color and fabric are as expected…comfort a definite plus…It’s everything you said it would be…
"The heat burned summer’s green patina off;
This year was worse, they said, than those before.
Fashionable it was at Uncle Sam to scoff;
Old timers here yearned for the times of yore.
“Without a doubt, the best bed I ever slept on!”
"I think that I shall never see,
A LofaBed made just for me,
That fits my life and style and wit
That is, when I can sit on it.
"The LofaBed is sensational and the fabric beautiful! The kids could hardly wait for the arms to be attached. I never realized a sofa could cause such commotion!
"I wanted to follow-up with you regarding the LofaBed we purchased back in March 2005. My mom has slept on it multiple times and she loves it! It is so easy to pull out and put back, and we just love all the storage space below.
"We are very pleased with our LofaBed loveseat and ottoman. It looks great and is very comfortable, both for sitting and sleeping.
"I had one of your LofaBeds many years ago… was the best sofa bed I ever slept on (and I’ve slept on many). It’s the best of both worlds: a bed in a sofa or a sofa in a bed, you decide.
"I am definitely going to order one of the LofaBeds. I do have to say this LofaBed is the greatest combination of sofabed and couch I’ve ever seen –
"LofaBed looks great. Im very happy with the fabric. We had our first guest on them and they loved them."
"I’m sorry Rockaway doesn’t do a greater job promoting your product and even sorrier they are the only U.S. distributor, as I’m not a big fan of theirs. But I saw the LofaBed in one of their flyers and just had to see it. It certainly seems like an excellent solution to our needs.
"I just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying the LofaBed very much. It is everything I was hoping for. The quality of the craftmanship is readily apparent.
"I had actually bought one of your LofaBeds and I will be looking for another one once I get my new place. I love it! If you ever need anybody to do any commercials for you, I have hosted over 200 women’s radio programs and a couple of TV shows."
"We do love the LofaBed. We have it in my teenage son’s room so he has a place to just hang out, or when he goes to bed it is bigger than a twin. He loves it. It is so much more comfortable than any futon we looked at.
"Just wanted to let you know that we absolutely love our Jeremy Lime LofaBed chair bed! You saved our marriage – it’s the recliner my husband wanted and the chair bed I wanted.
"My mom loves her LofaBeds. She did not mind the fabric. Meaning, it took her a couple of days to adjust to it. Now she, and my sister, say it was a great pick.
"It was so worth the wait! Bekins’ first delivery this morning: ME!!!! I was glad I didn’t have to wait around from 8:00-5:00. They called at 7:05 a.m. and said they would be here in 20 minutes.
"Yes, I certainly am one happy customer. Of course, you know that I knew what your product looked like, and It could not have arrived at a better time.