About Us


Lofa Sofa is a proud Canadian company founded in 1996. Though our passion for furniture goes far back. Our fire and our expertise makes no doubt that our products are the best on the market.

About the Lofa Bed

Others make sofa beds… WE make a good night’s sleep!

The first thing we when designing the LofaBed did was insist on having an 8″ thick standard-sized mattress. We knew that was a sore point with other sofa sleepers, and we wanted to be able to say that, “fitted sheets will fit.” And with a mattress that thick, no one would have to worry about feeling anything underneath, like a bar-in-your-back! Then, basically, we listed all the things people hated about traditional sofa beds: too heavy, difficult to operate, undersized and thin mattresses, squeaky springs, too big to go into the basement or through a small doorway, bar in your back when sleeping, and too expensive. We also had to address the futon complaint of compression and hardness. Applying common sense and our factory’s 30-years of upholstery experience, we came up with this! Read further to discover.


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8″ thick upholstered futon mattress

JaszCel is a naturally “green” fiber, derived almost entirely (80-90%) from the Australian Eucalyptus tree. It’s designed as a bedding product, for use in mattresses, comforters, mattress pads, and linens.  One of its most significant properties allows JaszCel to quickly absorb body moisture and release it back into the environment. JaszCel has the highest moisture absorption rate of any mattress filling material, resulting in benefits like a restful night’s sleep, no mold, no static charge or shocks or no mites. It’s also naturally fire retardant and unbelievably light weight.

Storage in the base

This is one of the unique features of all davenports. The storage cavity is 75″ x 27″ x 7″ high, and is plenty big enough for sheets, blankets, pillows, and more. The addition of a storage facility makes the LofaBed ideal for small apartments or any room where space is at a premium.

Davenport Click-Clack mechanism

This is the second unique feature common to all davenports, this is one sofa bed that even a 10-year-old can operate! The davenport mechanism allows the LofaBed to be placed up against a wall, and still open to the bed position with ease and control and very little effort. Our latest hinge offers two sitting position angles: one for teenage slouchers, and the second for the rest of us.

Pirelli Elastic Webbing

This is where the LofaBed separates itself from the world of futons. Futon mattresses sit on wood or metal slats, offering distance off the ground but precious little comfort. Over time, they usually bottom out. Traditional upholstered furniture places springs underneath the cushions for that sink-in, luxurious feeling. And the LofaBed approximates that experience with a pattern of criss-crossed Pirelli elastic webbing directly underneath the futon mattress. Introduced to us by a local Italian/Canadian associate, we were told this is how most expensive Italian furniture is made. The webbing acts like a spring, offering both comfort and longevity to the LofaBed experience.

Canadian hardwood construction

In a world where domestic furniture manufacturers are trying everything and anything to compete with the imports, the LofaBed is still constructed of real Canadian hardwood. Whether its oak, ash, maple, or birch…whatever the factory selects is going to be strong and long-lasting. After all, it’s made in Canada, eh?

Knocked-down for easy moving

The LofaBed is designed for people on the go. Whether you’re moving to another city or just a different room, it’s a major benefit to be able to make big pieces of furniture smaller and lighter to handle. The LofaBed is designed so that the arms and futon mattress are removable, and the biggest piece weighs only about 100 lbs. and can still fit through an opening as small as 12″! Down the basement, up to the attic, around a corner – there’s almost no place a LofaBed cannot go. In fact, many of our sales are based on the premise that the LofaBed is the only piece of furniture that fits where the customer wants to put it (think RVs, mobile homes, trailers, boats).

Low, padded arms for napping

We’ve been making the LofaBed for more than fifteen years now, and we know that people like it for watching TV. We made the arms padded but low enough to be comfortable to sleep against. In fact, a couple of the arms (Galaxy, Tommy) are so comfortable for napping, that a person too tall for standard bedding could use them for full-time sleeping!

Made-to-order in less than a month

Most upholstered furniture is sold from inventory. If the store has to special order it, 90 days is the norm. Then along comes the LofaBed, which is made-to-order from among 25 upholstered fabrics, ten arm styles (including the California Collection), and seven sizes, and still gets shipped within 30 days of order date!  And every once in a while, when time is of the essence, we can make and ship one within a week! Incroyable!

Competitively priced

The price for a full/double size LofaBed, in any fabric and in any arm style…is only $966, and that includes Premium Foam, Packaging Plus + delivery to any state in the U.S. northeast!  Considering the many feature/benefits listed above, that’s a pretty competitive price. Much lower than any store could sell it for. That’s because our overhead is low, we’re shipping your order directly from the factory, and we work on a lower-than-normal profit margin.