Fabric Swatches

Fabric swatches are identified by PATTERN and COLOR, followed by a brief description and the contents. While we tried hard to match the screen image to the actual color of the material, you must make allowance for computer variations.

In general, these fabrics look MUCH BETTER in person than they do on screen. Your best bet is to send us an email and ask for fabric swatches (up to 6) to be mailed. Then you’ll know the true color and texture of what your new LofaBed will look and feel like.

Once you’re ready to ask for swatches to be mailed, please give us a call if you’d like to discuss specific fabrics and/or colors. We can answer any questions you may have about durability or maintenance. For over 15 years we’ve been perfecting the LofaBed, and would be more than happy to share what we’ve learned about this wonderfully comfortable sofa sleeper with you.

Irresitible Port

Irresistible Carrot

Irresistible Terracotta

Irresistible Crimson

Irresistible Sunflower

Irresistible Golden Yellow

Irresistible Nugget

Irresistible Ice Blue

Irresistible Indigo

Irresistible Royal Blue

Irresistible Chambray

Irresistible Dusk Blue

Irresistible Navy

Irresistible Platinum

Irresistible Stainless Steel

Irresistible Old Silver

Irresistible Pewter

Irresistible Grey

Irresistible Graphite

Irresistible Black

Irresistible Pistachio

Irresistible Leaf Green

Irresistible Khaki

Irresistible Sage

Irresistible Olive

Irresistible Mocha

Irresistible Parchment

Irresistible Tan

Irresistible Latte

Irresistible Saddle

Irresistible Driftwood

Irresistible Cider

Irresistible Saffron

Irresistible Espresso

Irresistible Chestnut

Sauvage Black

Sauvage Burgundy

Sauvage Camel

Sauvage Khaki

Sauvage Chocolate

Sauvage Saddle

Sauvage Taupe

Tambora Brown

Tambora Chocolate

Tambora Earth

Tambora Slate

Negril Black

Negril Chocolate

Negril Midnight

Negril Olive

Negril Sand