FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions regarding our sofas. Here are some of the frequently asked questions our clients have.

Do you carry any ``microfiber`` materials?

Yes. In fact, Irresistible is a “microfiber” suede.

I like some of the fabrics shown on your website photos, but I don’t see any of them on your FABRIC SWATCH page. Why not?

Because small factories, like the one that makes the LofaBed, in general, hate to spend money on photographs. Whereas fabrics are usually completely changed from year to year. So we keep the photos, even though they feature discontinued materials, and show the current fabric selection separately.

I don’t like any of your fabrics. Can I supply my own?

Yes, we offer what’s known as a C.O.M. (Customer’s Own Material) option. Most factories won’t do this because it means you’re not using the material they’ve bought and keep in inventory, but the LofaBed factory will because we know how important it is to have exactly the right look. But in order to discourage, rather than encourage this practice, prices will remain the same. In addition, you should be aware that there’s a customs broker charge when sending upholstery material across the border, and the amount of material needed depends on the width, and sometimes the pattern, of the C.O.M. provided.

Can I get samples of your fabrics? I want to make sure the colors match my decor and that the texture is right for me. I have cats, dogs, and kids. So choosing the right fabric is really important.

Yes. We’re willing to mail you up to six (6) swatches from the selection of fabrics shown. Please be sure to include both PATTERN and COLOR and, of course, your name and complete mailing address.

I don’t see any real leather on your website. Does the factory offer any?

We have a handsome “faux” leather (Sauvage), which offers the look of real leather without the price. But working with real leathers requires a level of expertise and experience that this factory simply does not enjoy.

For such a nice-looking and apparently well-made product, how come your prices are so... reasonable?

Very simple: we work on a lower profit margin than do retail stores. We have no overhead to speak of. We have no employees, except for Mitch. And we avoid any warehousing or distribution costs by shipping your LofaBed directly from the factory. It’s not that we don’t want to make more money, it’s just that we figure we have enough of a challenge already, influencing people to buy a piece of furniture over the internet, sight unseen. Prices shouldn’t get in the way.

I looked at your pricing window, but couldn’t figure out how to get a “delivered” price. Can you tell me how much it would cost to have home delivery?

Home delivery prices depend on the cubic footage of your order plus your distance from the factory in Montréal. We think that’s too complicated to post on our website, so we ask that you email us your requirements, and we’ll get back to you immediately with a quotation that’s good for 30 days.

What determines the final price?

All fabrics and arm styles are priced the same, so the only factors left to determine the final price are the number of units you order, plus the size of each unit, plus the distance from Montréal. There are no taxes in the U.S. In Canada we add the GST (+ QST in Québec) or HST.

Even though I’m in the States, can I still pay in Canadian dollars?

Absolutely! Just tell us your intentions, and we’ll invoice you accordingly.

I would like to save some money by using my own futon mattress. Can I buy just the davenport base?

No. All LofaBed components were specifically designed to go together, and it’s important to us that your LofaBed looks and feels the way it was intended to be. Traditional futon mattresses are designed to sit atop wooden or metal frame slats. Ours rest on Pirelli elastic webbing, which gives the user a totally different feel. Plus we use a higher density foam so that your mattress will last a lot longer.

If I’m willing to drive to Montréal, can I pick up my LofaBed at the factory for the price shown on your website?


I see the prices, but I don’t understand how to figure out the cost of a sectional.

LofaBed sectionals are awesome, but a little complicated.  The basic “chaise longue” sectional is comprised of a full/double plus a chaise longue.  The price is $1488 (including Premium Foam).

But since this is truly made-to-order furniture, it’s up to you if you’d rather have a loveseat/ottoman than a full/double.  Or a Mary Miller queen.  In fact, you could even slap a chaise longue to each side of a full/double…and you’d have a very cool U-SHAPE sectional!

To establish the total, simply add the price of each size you want, including the chaise longue, and Bob’s your uncle. And don’t forget the ottomans: each size smaller than a full/double requires an ottoman to turn it into a 75″ mattress.

Because sectionals don’t fall under the minimum freight rates that individual units do, your final “landed” price will be surprisingly low. Actually, because of this, sectionals are truly our best overall VALUE!

How come the loveseat/ottoman combination costs more than a full/double?

Because the labor and cost of materials to make a loveseat are almost the same as those of a full/double, and then you have to add the ottoman, which is huge (21″ x 54″).


How do I determine the overall length or width of a LofaBed? I have limited available space, and I want to make sure it’ll fit.

Start with the size of the futon mattress. Then add the width of the arm style you want, remembering to include the second arm. As an example, a full/double size LofaBed with SpaceSaver (2″ each) arms would measure 79″ from side to side. The same LofaBed with Galaxy arms (10″ each) would be 95″. And it’s important to note that with both the full/double and “qouble” sizes, you’re sleeping parallel to a wall, whereas with all other sizes (loveseat, twin/single, chair), you’re sleeping perpendicular to a wall.

For people who need the dimensions of a full/double mattress (54″ x 75″) but don’t have the necessary wall space, a LofaBed loveseat/ottoman combination is often the answer. When the ottoman (21″ x 54″) is pushed up against the loveseat (54″ x 54″), and held in place by a fitted mattress pad and sheet, the result is a mattress of standard full/double dimensions. But the loveseat/ottoman takes up much less wall space than a full/double (21″ less) because of the change in sleeping direction. All LofaBed sizes that include ottomans come 75″ into a room (except MM queens, which are 80″ long) when in the bed position, while both full/double and “qouble” sizes require only 54″.

Do you make a queen size LofaBed?

Yes, but only in a loveseat/ottoman configuration. Queen mattresses are 60″ wide, some 6″ wider than a full/double. Whereas the full/double is PERFECT for sitting when folded, queens are just too deep to be comfortable…….the average person’s feet won’t reach the floor and her lower back won’t be supported. We can lengthen the 4″ platform (under the futon mattress) to a queen size 80″, but we can’t widen it any more than 54″ because it would make the entire unit unstable. That’s the reason we created the “Mary Miller” queen size loveseat/ottoman and the “qouble”…..half queen, half double. The “qouble” size LofaBed offers a mattress that’s both comfortable for sitting (54″ wide), as well as longer for sleeping (80″). Although there are fitted sheets available in this size on the internet, they’re very expensive. Your best bet would be standard queen size flat sheets.

What’s the difference between a twin/single and a chair?

A twin/single LofaBed offers a standard size mattress (39″ x 75″) when the ottoman is added, whereas the chair (28″ x 75″) is a size unique to the futon industry. When deciding between the two sizes, consider this: a standard size mattress (twin/single) is better for sleeping because it’s wider and can be covered with a fitted sheet. But a chair, because it’s much smaller, is probably better for sitting and reading, since the narrowness of the seat allows the armrests to support both your elbows and forearms simultaneously.

How big is a sectional?

A LofaBed sectional is a combination of any of our sizes with a chaise longue.  A typical chaise longue sectional configuration consists of a full/double + chaise longue + arm.  Assuming you’ve chosen a 10″ arm, the overall width becomes 75″ + 36″ + 10″ = 121″.  The remaining dimension is the depth (how far the chaise longue comes into the room from the wall), which is 88″.  So the overall size of an average sectional is 121″ x 88″.

But, since this is truly made-to-order furniture, you can substitute any size you like for the full/double…as well as add an extra chaise longue to make a U-Shape sectional!  In other words, our sectional is as big as you want it to be!

I looked at your pricing window, but couldn’t figure out how to get a “delivered” price. Can you tell me how much it would cost to have home delivery?

Home delivery prices depend on the cubic footage of your order plus your distance from the factory in Montréal. We think that’s too complicated to post on our website, so we ask that you email us your requirements, and we’ll get back to you immediately with a quotation that’s good for 30 days.

Do you offer home delivery?

Yes, but it’s complicated. We ship out of Montréal in a fully-loaded 53′ tractor/ trailer in order to get to our destination at the lowest possible rate. Because the trucker is on a tightly-controlled delivery schedule, he can only spend so much time at each drop-off location. We are, therefore, restricted to delivering to warehouses and other commercial “loading dock” locations open from 9 to 5 p.m. In the U.S. we ship your LofaBed to STI Home Express, a “white glove” home delivery specialist with over 200 agent warehouses scattered throughout the States. They, in turn, make the delivery to your home or offer customer pick-up as an option. In Canada, depending on your location, we offer both home and “dock” delivery options.

Does the price you quote me include home delivery?

It depends on where you live.  In Canada I usually offer you both home delivery and “dock” delivery.  “Dock” being a local warehouse where you would go to pick up your order.

In the U.S., the price I quote you will include your LofaBed order plus delivery to a STI Home Express warehouse in, or near, your home town. STI Home Express is a North American-wide network of more than 200 agent warehouses offering both “final mile” Home Delivery White Glove Service, as well as customer pick-up at a nominal charge ($24). Basic White Glove Service includes “set inside first dry door, no assembly or debris removal,” and costs $120. Premium White Glove Service is defined as “inside delivery, including delivery to room of choice, setup assembly, and debris removal.” This service costs $165. In order to keep prices reasonable and transparent, I have arranged for you to deal directly with STI Home Express. Should you wish to avoid these charges and are willing to make your own pick-up arrangements, just give me the name, address, and phone number of any local business willing and experienced in accepting deliveries from a 53′ tractor/trailer.

How long does it take from the time my order leaves the factory?

It depends TOTALLY on your location and distance from Montréal. LofaBed orders are picked up from the factory in St. Anicet, QC, and brought back to the trucker’s local terminal for “staging.” From there they either go west with Western Logistics, or east with VA Transport, or south with Normandin Transit. In most cases, your order will arrive at its destination within a week.

So what’s the Canadian story?

The province you live in will determine the freight company we use, since there is no national line. The price we quote you will include your order plus home delivery or delivery to a “loading dock” warehouse in, or near, your home town. Plus tax.

Why don’t you have more stores that carry the LofaBed?

We’ve tried selling wholesale over the years, but retailers tell us the market won’t allow a sofa-bed to sell for more than $1,000, and they’d have to sell the LofaBed for way more than that just to make their normal profit margin. Unlike me, most retailers consider the cost of freight as part of their “landed” price…and DOUBLE it! I think it’s expensive enough, and pass it on.

And then there’s the case of Rockaway Bedding, who we used to sell. Rockaway Bedding had some 185 stores between Delaware and Connecticut, and we were in virtually ALL of them! They used to buy LofaBeds by the truckload! But when they went bankrupt a few years ago, the small, French-Canadian factory that makes the LofaBed for me got really scared, and decided against offering terms of credit to any more dealers. So now I have no more dealers and, without the ability to offer them credit, I’m not likely to get any. There ARE a dozen or so LofaBed retailers around the Valleyfield, Québec region, but that’s only because they pick up at the factory and pay them C.O.D. Not something dealers outside of Québec are willing to do.

If I found you a local furniture store willing to carry the LofaBed, would you sell them?

Only if they were interested in ordering by the truckload and willing to pay C.O.D.

How do I find out if there’s a dealer near me?

Unless you live in the metropolitan Montréal area, there’s not.

Does the LofaBed have springs? Is that what makes it so special?

First of all, the LofaBed was designed for the way people live their lives, starting with the fact that our mattresses are all standard sizes so that fitted sheets will actually fit. And they’re all 8″ thick, so that no matter how delicate a sleeper you are, the only thing you’ll ever feel when sleeping on a LofaBed, is the mattress itself…..never what’s underneath it. And speaking of what’s underneath, we’ve put Pirelli elastic webbing under the mattress so that when you’re sitting on it, you’ll sink into it exactly as you do with traditional upholstered furniture featuring springs under the pillows. This is a tremendous “comfort” advantage over futon furniture where the mattress sits on either wood or metal unforgiving slats, causing it to flatten and bottom out over time. The LofaBed not only looks like traditional pillow furniture, it feels like it too.

When you say it’s “knock down” furniture, do you mean I have to assemble it?

It depends on who we ship it to. Some warehouses offer home delivery with assembly, some do not. But even if you have to do it yourself, it’s really very simple. The LofaBed breaks down into three component parts: the arms, the mattress, and the davenport body. The arms come with two 4″ bolts attached, which fit easily into the two holes on the side of each davenport body. Once the bolts have been pushed through the holes in the body, all that remains to do is attach nuts to the bolts on the inside of the body…..and tighten. This process is so simple, it could be accomplished blindfolded! And the only tool you’ll need is a crescent wrench to tighten it at the end. No one component part weighs more than 118 lbs., nor is thicker than 12″. In other words, because the LofaBed knocks down, it can be carried up stairs, through small doorways, even down basement steps where other, bigger furniture “fears to tread.”

What’s the difference between “made-to-order” and “custom” made?

The LofaBed is made-to-order, meaning you can choose from among any of the 51 upholstery fabrics shown on the Fabric Swatch page, 10 arm styles, and 7 sizes. We put together your order from among these choices in less than a month, on average. We even allow you to provide your own material (C.O.M.), if necessary. What we won’t do, is change any of the dimensions. That would be “custom” made.

What’s the story with the storage? Does every size offer storage?

Oh yes, that’s one of the benefits of a davenport. Not only does every size LofaBed include storage in the base, but even our ottomans offer storage! And lots of it. In a full/double LofaBed, the storage compartment measures 75″ x 36″ x 7″, plenty big enough for your blankets, sheets, and pillows.

What’s the point in making the arms so low?

Well, you see, the designer is a bit of a sports nut. And during halftime he likes to take a little nap. And his wife can never seem to get through an entire sci-fi movie without a bit of a lie-down. So it just made sense to make the arms extra low and padded, so that when lying down, the feeling would be similar to resting on a double pillow. And, as an added benefit, if you happen to be so tall that you can’t fit between the arms of a full/double LofaBed, you can always use one of the arms as a comfortable headrest/pillow.

I’ve heard the word “davenport” before, but I always thought it meant a furniture style. Is that not true?

No. Chesterfield is a furniture style, but a “davenport” is a sofa-bed with two unique features: a click-clack spring-loaded, self-locking mechanism that offers effortless convertibility, and a storage compartment in the base for sheets, blankets, and pillows. Davenports were very popular in the 1950s, when they were cheap, undersized, and often rock-hard. Then they disappeared. We discovered the davenport mechanism at a trade show in New Orleans several years ago, married it to an upholstered futon, added a few extra touches like Pirelli elastic webbing…….and voilà!

I’ve read that in order to compete with Chinese factories, some American manufacturers have begun using cheap ingredients in the construction of their furniture. What’s the LofaBed made of?

The LofaBed is made entirely in Québec, Canada, where we have a long and proud tradition of manufacturing quality furniture out of quality woods. The LofaBed is made with solid Canadian hardwood, natural cotton batting, polyurethane foam, and upholstery-grade materials.

Will I feel the buttons when I’m sleeping?

Not if you take our advice and always cover your LofaBed mattress with both a mattress pad and a fitted sheet. That way you’ll be accomplishing two goals at once: guaranteeing that you’ll never feel the buttons, and making sure that no liquid will ever penetrate (beneath the buttons) the mattress, and cause the cotton batting to smell.

How do I place an order for a LofaBed?

Once you’ve made your decision on size, quantity, fabric, and arm style…and forwarded this information to me at lofasofa@videotron.ca, I’ll get back to you with a LofaBed Order Summary and ask for your approval to go forward. With your “OK,” I’ll place your order with the factory.

How do I pay?

There are several ways to pay: INTERAC e-Transfer (Canada only), cashier’s check (bank draft), postal money order, bank wire transfer, or PayPal (listed on the website).

How long does it take from the time I place my order until it’s shipped?

Usually about 30 days, but it depends on the time of the year and, of course, what else the factory is working on at the time. July and December are vacation periods in Québec and all manufacturers are required to give their employees a certain amount of days off which, in turn, affects the production schedule. There are also occasions when a “big job” takes over the factory and all other orders are pushed back a week or two. But, in general, we’ll be able to tell you when your order is to be completed, and one month is the norm.

What exactly is the LofaBed warranty?


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