Arm Styles

These are the ten arm styles you can choose to have your LofaBed made from. The California Collection arm and the Leona arm will be added to this graphic at a later date. All of these arms are priced the same, so your only consideration should be style and size. By adding the size of each arm to the width of your selected mattress, you can determine the overall size of your LofaBed. As an example, a full size LofaBed (75″ mattress) with SpaceSaver arms (2″ each) measures only 79″ from end-to-end, while the same LofaBed with Galaxy arms (10″ each) measures 95″. A difference of 16″ just because of the arms.

With the exception of the SpaceSaver, all the arms were designed for napping. We made them low (about the same height as a double pillow) and padded, so that daytime napping is made pleasurable, not painful. For the true nap enthusiast, we’d recommend one of these four extra-padded arms: Galaxy, Tommy, Savannah, or the Piping/Mag.

The California Collection Arm
The Leona Arm