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A full/double LofaBed sleeps parallel to a wall… meaning your head is beneath one of the arms, and your feet the other. The mattress, alone, is 75″ wide, but the overall width is determined by the arm style you choose. If you select 2″ SpaceSaver arms, the width becomes 79″… .. while 10″ Galaxy arms add up to 95″. The mattress dimensions are 54″x75″x8″… perfect for tight-fitting fitted sheets.

The price is $683 f.o.b. Montréal, and that includes any material and any arm style. When packaged, the full/double measures 48.5 cubic feet and weighs 192 pounds. It usually ships in two packages, unless you’ve chosen SpaceSaver, 5″ Mini, or Regular arms… in which case they’re placed inside the storage base.

The arm style pictured here is the 10″ Galaxy, one of our four “napping arms.”  The others are the Savannah, the Tommy, and the Piping/Mag

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